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Bourbon Pursuit

Aug 26, 2016

Susan Reigler, Executive Bourbon Steward, joins the show again to talk about Bourbon Women, an organization founded to join like-minded individuals around the nation.


  1. Lets talk about the Bourbon Women Association (also open to men). Give us the pitch.
  2. How many members across the country?
  3. How did it start?
  4. How does one join?
  5. What is a benefit of joining?
  6. How much are dues and how is it distributed?
  7. How do you start a chapter/branch?
  8. Do you all have regular meet ups?
  9. If you only get 180 bottles out of the barrel and you have over 1000 members, do other members across the country as you to ship them bottles?
  10. Is there a secret handshake?
  11. Talk more about the Sip-posium.
  12. What's the long term goal of this organization?
  13. Updates on the bourbon tasting notebook
  14. Follow on Twitter @BourbonWomen