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Bourbon Pursuit

Feb 24, 2017

Brent Elliott, Master Distiller at Four Roses, talks about how he never owned a bottle of Four Roses until he interviewed and how the conversation went when he was tapped to be the new Master Distiller.

  1. Talk about growing up in Owensboro, your history and education
  2. What made you want to get into bourbon?
  3. Were you a Four Roses bourbon fan when you applied to work here?
  4. Was Four Roses the first place you looked at working?
  5. How long have you been working at Four Roses?
  6. Talk a little bit about working with Jim Rutledge under his tutelage.
  7. So talk about that phone call, when it’s usually depicted in the movies as being called up to the CEOs office on the 33rd floor to get that big promotion
  8. Why is there not a rye whiskey offered by Four Roses?
  9. What about the rage of barrel finishes or cinnamon whiskey?
  10. From Kevin Ragland on Facebook - How was the process for selecting 2016 LE went since it was the first time you would have done it without Jim.
  11. Why did you come out and call it Elliott’s Select instead of just the normal 2016 Limited Edition Single Barrel?
  12. From Travis Roberts on Facebook - Will FR continue their barrel selections in the future and if so, will they eventually be able to offer barrels aged 10+ years again to consumers?
  13. Talk about life outside of bourbon