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Bourbon Pursuit

Dec 14, 2017

In this final Bourbon Community Roundtable of 2017 (it's the 15th edition) we look at the unique rise of trading bourbon for bitcoin weighing out the pros and cons, a look back into how the bourbon community has changed for the worse in 2017 and we cap it off talking about our favorite Bourbon and Rye releases of the year. Our Sponsors: Vincero Watches have a modern and contemporary style the looks bold and professional. So Don’t just get A watch, get THE watch. Get 15% off all of Vincero's stunning collection using promo code BOURBON Ledbury offers premium high-quality button-down shirts and apparel with easy returns and top-notch customer service. Visit today and use the code BOURBON at checkout to get 20% off your first order. Show Notes:

  • In recent news, we’ve talked about different ways of trading for bourbon. I’ve traded landscape work. I know Ryan has traded his services for boxes of Jefferson’s before. But the new trend is bitcoin. So before we get into the pros and cons of doing a bourbon trade with bitcoin, who has taken the leap and bought some?
  • It’s really hard these days to find a good forum that doesn’t start lashing out or people that post their life’s collection of pappy that create a whirlwind of comments. At one point Bourbon Info Exchange and Bourbonr were good places you could go for just normal discussion. But lately, it’s become a game of who can make the poster feel like a douche. I’m honestly a bit appalled by it all. It has ruined the sense of community. there was once a time when you could try and become educated but everyone is quick to jump on ridiculing people now. It’s certainly not a friendly community any longer.
  • Ok.. the time has finally come. Our Bourbon of the year choices. lets have a discussion about this because I know not everyone has tasted everything.
  • Surprise Barrel for our fans!!!