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Bourbon Pursuit

Dec 26, 2017

It's a controversial topic amongst bourbon purists. Can you replicate all the effects Mother Nature and Father Time add to the bourbon that rests inside a barrel? Jacob Call, Master Distiller at O.Z. Tyler, comes from a long family lineage of distillers and decided to do take on an industry with Terressentia using TerrePURE technology. Learn about the growth of this startup and small bit about the technology in this episode.   Episode Sponsor: Vincero Watches have a modern and contemporary style the looks bold and professional. So Don’t just get A watch, get THE watch. Get 15% off all of Vincero’s stunning collection using promo code BOURBON   Show Notes:

  • How did you get involved with bourbon and got you here today?
  • Do you have any good stories with being around Booker and Fred?
  • Tell us a bit about the property here in Owensboro
  • How bad of shape was this Old Medley Distillery when you got here?
  • I was surprised at the size, it seems like you're pumping out a bunch of product
  • What is creating all this expansion especially when you are so new?
  • Explain the TerrePURE process because you're expediting the aging
  • So it's not just marketing BS?
  • Do you worry about bourbon purists not enjoying this when you talk about age statements and the like?
  • If it works so well, why wouldn't the big boys want to license this?
  • Talk a bit about the O.Z. Tyler Brand
  • Will there be other brands to come out?
  • So it has to be barreled for at least a year to be labeled Kentucky bourbon
  • I was blown away by the taste. It actually tastes like a 4 year old bourbon.
  • Where is Terressentia focused for the future?