Bourbon Pursuit: The Official Podcast of Bourbon | Insiders, Pundits, and Master Distillers of the Bourbon Whiskey Industry

The official podcast of bourbon! Bourbon Pursuit interviews icons in the bourbon whiskey industry who share their story and give a behind the scenes look at the people that make whiskey so enjoyable.
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Bourbon Pursuit: The Official Podcast of Bourbon | Insiders, Pundits, and Master Distillers of the Bourbon Whiskey Industry





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Apr 29, 2016

Andy Treinen, the Director of Marketing at the Frazier History Museum, talks history of prohibition, the future Bourbon Museum for “bourbonism”, and the Old Forester Speakeasy Series.

  • Huge shoutout to Josh Menke for sending us a sample of Stranahans
  • Talk about your introduction to bourbon
  • What is the Frazier History Museum?
  • Talk about the prohibition exhibit on display right now
  • Talk about some of the things in the exhibit
  • Talk about George Remus and Al Capone
  • Why did they decide to do an exhibit?
  • What do you think is the most prized possession in the exhibit?
  • Talk about the future of this exhibit and your partnership with the KDA
  • Talk about what we will see in the future bourbon museum
  • This is important because of your location, so talk about that for a minute
  • Talk about the Old Forester Speakeasy Series
  • Finally, what’s the cost of admission to those who are on the trail and want to see the exhibit?

Apr 22, 2016

Chris Morris, Master Distiller at Woodford Reserve, gives an insight into the historic grounds and the $1000 Mint Julep in time for Derby.

- Talk about your first memorable experience with bourbon. Good or Bad?
- Talk about your background and coming into the bourbon industry
- Let's talk about the Woodford grounds a little bit. It's held over 4 different names in the 200 years it's been existence.
- What makes your bourbon special or unique compared to others?
- There’s a misconception that Woodford is aged longer than Old Forester. Can you explain the differences?
- What is the future of distilling going to be? Is it a science or art form?
- You've been quoted as saying "Because we have a small distillery we use less sour mash than many distillers, which gives more fresh grain in every batch”. I know we can go to the liquor store and read a label that says Sour Mash bourbon but what does sour mash truly mean?
- You also ferment the mash for nearly twice as long as other distilleries, around 6 or 7 days when most usually do 3 or 4. Again talk about the role that plays.
- You do some unique experiments that are released yearly or even at the distillery. The latest masters select was called 1838 Style white Corn. Then there was another recent release called frosty four Wood. Talk about those.
- Choose your favorite child
- Talk about the process of the “Double Double Oaked”
- It is Derby season and Woodford has some affinity with horses. Talk about your ties to the horse racing industry
- Any favorite horse names over the years?
- With Derby time the drink of the season if the Mint Julep, talk about the $1000 Mint Julep
- I don’t know if this is fact or fiction, but is the ice actually flown in from a glacier?
- How do you get your hands on one?

Apr 15, 2016

Fred Noe, Global Ambassador and Master Distiller at Jim Beam, talks about the history of Jim Beam, his celebrity encounters and the new Booker’s Rye release.

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  • You were born into this. Talk about your child hood and some Beam history
  • What are some things your dad taught you about this business and made you appreciate what you do today?
  • Your role is not only a master distiller but also a brand ambassador, do you ever sleep?
  • What’s the short list of some of your favorite places you’ve been?
  • What do you think has made Jim Beam grow to the #1 product in the world?
  • You've probably done a lot since then, best and worst jobs of working at the distillery?
  • The latest Beam ads feature Mila Kunis. Talk about your interactions with Mila.
  • A question from one of our listeners, what did you think of Mila when she blew up one of the rick houses in the latest ad?
  • What’s the current state of Jim Beam today?
  • As more engineering programs expand and more universities offer programs. Do you think the future of distilling is more science than art?
  • There's a lot of different bourbons under your portfolio, who are some of your right hand people to make sure every brand stays consistent?
  • Another question from one of our listeners, what is the inspiration behind the Signature Craft series?
  • Talk about Booker’s Rye that will be hitting the shelves soon.
  • If you have to start a journey for drinking Jim Beam bourbons to get to the point where you drinking Booker’s neat, where do you start?
  • Lastly, we need to get the Kentucky Chew.
Apr 8, 2016

Patrick Hutchens, Owner of Promotional Wood Products, shares his company’s story of giving premium bourbons the extra edge.


  • Tell us about your first encounter with bourbon
  • We’re sipping on a barrel of Knob Creek that you picked out. Tell us about it.
  • What is Promotional Wood Products?
  • How did the relationship form that you began to make all the boxes for every Booker’s?
  • How has production scaled in Booker’s boxes over 22 years?
  • Talk about how the scents of the Goose Island Rare box that you did
  • What’s the process for making a box?
  • How have you tried to perfect the manufacturing process?
  • Talk about the process of the barrel heads
  • Talk about the amount of moisture inside of the used barrel products
  • Are wooden boxes today like the gimmick of the ceramic decanters of the 70s?
  • Is your goal to have every bottle of bourbon out there in some wooden box
  • When you do put these items in boxes, do you really feel that you are making it a premium product?
  • Any special release boxes coming out?
Apr 1, 2016

New Podcast from Bourbon Pursuit! Episode 042 - Matt Gandolfo, Brand Ambassador for Wild Turkey, talks history of the brand, non-GMO grains, each of the expressions and the new “Decades” release set for May 2016.

- We kick off the show talking about one of our past guests, Marianne Barnes, and the new name for the Old Taylor Distillery.
- Tell us about your first encounter with bourbon
- Tell us about your role and what it consists of
- Why is Wild Turkey 101 and not 100?
- How did it grow to a business from 101?
- What did the name Austin Nichols mean to Wild Turkey?
- So why remove the name Austin Nichols from the brand?
- What are some of things during the process makes Wild Turkey unique compared to other brands?
- What does Non-GMO products give you in regards to quality?
- What’s it like hanging around Jimmy Russell?
- Talk about the individual expressions and the differences between each.
- Talk about the new release called “Decades" that will be coming in May 2016
- Is there something that holds true to the quote “Older turkey is better turkey”?
- If you have to have one Wild Turkey product on the shelf as a staple, which do you choose?