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Nov 30, 2017
Have you ever wondered what these bourbon barrel picking groups like The Bourbon Mafia, 1789b, T5C, and The Bourbon Cartel are all about?  Eddie Noel, who has a history of founding multiple groups, will guide us into what it takes to form a barrel picking group with the types of individuals needed, the commitment of joining one, and the secret to getting private barrel selections when you don't have a store to get you in.
  • Eddie, how did you get started with bourbon?
  • Before we dive in, explain what a barrel picking group does. It should be self explanatory but you know.
  • We've talked about barrel selections being a great avenue for terrific bourbon, do you agree?
  • Talk about your history with barrel picking groups
  • Lets talk about the mentality of barrel picking groups. What do you need to know going into creating one?
  • How hard is it to create one?
  • Is it difficult when stores want to keep the barrel themselves?
  • What do store owners get out of it?
  • Who are the types of individuals you seek out?
  • Do they need to be in the same area?
  • Does it help if the members are from Kentucky? (Local to the distilleries)
  • Does having a connection to a store owner make it break it?
  • If you do have that connection, how big should a store be or the volume that needs to be sold to determine how often they can be selected?
  • Is there ever an over abundance of selections? Could it hurt your pockets if you aren't careful? Can you split barrels with a store so half go to the group?
  • Are there ways to get barrels without knowing a store owner?
  • What are some of the rules of the group?
  • Amy Halter from Patreon: For Eddie Noel, are there ever differences of opinion on which barrel to select, and if so, how does a large group handle that?
  • Are there certain distilleries that treat barrel picking groups in favor versus traditional store owners?
  • Talk about some distilleries you are visiting outside of Kentucky
  • What do you think about finished barrels?
  • Are craft distilleries easier to get on their select list rather than the big dogs like Wild Turkey, Four Roses or Buffalo Trace etc?
Nov 22, 2017
 In Episode 109 we featured two retailers and discussed if there is such a thing as MSRP pricing and how square footage, location, loyalty, and clientele all boil down into how rare bourbon is priced and sold. Eric Darland, a buyer in the D.C. area sent us an email and told us we completely missed the mark. Eric gives insight into the legalized mafia that is distribution, allocation of store picks, and pricing fairly. Day Drinkin’ Jerky! Always smoked, never dried. Made with Bourbon and other spirits. Use offer code “PURSUIT” to save 10% on your first order at
  • Let's start with store picks and why are they so hard to get outside of Kentucky?
  • Do you think it's unfair that if a store sells more lower tier bourbon they should have a shot at choosing barrels?
  • Are you losing customers if your store doesn't have the top-tier stuff?
  • Do liquor stores really make that much money on limited releases by selling at 2-5x MSRP?
  • What's the difference is pricing in the D.C. area vs Kentucky vs NYC?
  • So you are firm believer in supply and demand and pricing accordingly
  • So your store reaps the benefit of getting 2-3x value. What happens when Buffalo Trace ups their cost to you by 2-3x? How are you going to feel?
  • Would new MSRP pricing end the secondary market? Would we see BTAC bottles lined on the shelf at $600 a piece if that happened?
  • Booker's Rye and WhistlePig Black Prince releases are good examples of proper pricing
  • Do distiller's even care? The ultra-premium is less than 1% of their actual revenue.
  • Do you think it's an unfair fight in regards to passion for someone that lives in KY vs DC?
  • Distribution is problematic. Some people suggested having Amazon being the centralized liquor store. What is an idea of how distribution can be fixed that levels the playing field across state lines?
  • What's the future of how supply will equal demand?
Nov 16, 2017
There's been some sneaky releases lately from Diageo and Jefferson's so we tackle those. If you're short on Christmas gift ideas, we talk about some of those things you can give the bourbon lover in your life. Day Drinkin’ Jerky! Always smoked, never dried. Made with Bourbon and other spirits. Use offer code “PURSUIT” to save 10% on your first order at
  • In recent news, the folks at Diageo slid in a brand new Orphan Barrel release called Entrapment 25 year Canadian Whiskey. Anyone have thoughts on it yet?
  • Jefferson's also released their 16year Presidential Selection. I heard about this release almost a year ago and completely forgot about it. But this is a unique one because it's not like any other Presidential release. this one has some of the Jefferson's flair where its been double barreled and they call it Twin Wood. Twin Wood got its name after Master Distiller Trey Zoeller chose an 11-year Bourbon to be re-barreled in freshly charred oak for another 5 years. Around 10,000 bottles are available today in markets across the country at an MSRP of $199.
  • The bloggers on the roundtable did their sleuthing and found out that PVW15's red foil this year was a bottling line mistake. Blake had a special name for it.
  • The holidays mean one thing, as "the bourbon connoisseur" of your family, your obligated to bring a few bottles over to share with family. What are those bottles?
  • Christmas season is quickly approaching. Each person gets to discuss what they believe are the top gifts. This could be from a specific bottle, to ice molds, to clothing.
  • Be on the lookout for a special Black Friday deal on the Bourbon Pursuit facebook page as well!
Nov 9, 2017
Many of us understand Bourbon 101 and 102 knowledge, but what about level 400? Dr. Pat Heist of Ferm Solutions joins the show to explain what is chemically happening when you're producing bourbon and gives an in-depth look at yeast and how it becomes one of the most critical components of the process. You will learn all about the breakdowns of enzymes during mash cooking and species of yeast for distilling. If you're a science buff, this episode is for you.   Ledbury offers premium high-quality button-down shirts and apparel with easy returns and top-notch customer service. Visit today and use the code BOURBON at checkout to get 20% off your first order. With Flaviar, enjoy themed tasting boxes and exclusive access to 15,000 bottles including private picks, rare, and vintage spirits at and use coupon code PURSUIT during checkout. The finest bourbon chocolates in the world! Get 5% off your in-store and online orders at Art Eatables with offer code “Pursuit”  
  • What does Ferm Solutions do as well as how big Wilderness Trail Distillery?
  • What was your first real job out of college and how did that get you into spirits?
  • Are you tailoring yourself to craft whiskey or do you help with big names on the market as well?
  • Talk about the science behind corn
  • Is there really a difference between red corn or blue corn vs the traditional white/yellow corn? Difference in flavor? Economical?
  • Talk about pesticides and GMO for the grains
  • What about barley, rye, or wheat? Is the breakdown of the pathogens different or the enzymes?
  • Go a bit more in depth about what the scientific differences between sour vs sweet mash
  • How does yeast compete? What about the sanitary levels and how that contributes?
  • What are the differences in the species of yeast and which ones are typically used in beer and spirits production?
  • True or False. Does yeast contribute 15% to the flavor of a bourbon?
  • What are the differences between low-gravity and high-gravity fermenters?
  • What is the cause of a mutated yeast? Jim Rutledge discovered it at one time when it was a part of some limited edition offerings at Four Roses
  • When you're monitoring the yeast during fermentation, what are you looking for?
  • When I was at Castle and Key they talked about doing yeast forensics to find a closely resembled strain. Is this actually possible or just marketing hype?
  • Gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria. What does this even mean?
  • When does the yeast stop playing a roll? When it's in the barrel? out of the barrel? in the bottle?
  • Is yeast like a fungi where it can reproduce when it get puts back into a normalized environment?
  • What about beers that go bad?
  • One last question about corn, how long do you age corn in a silo to dehydrate corn and remove moisture?
Nov 2, 2017

Retailers need an edge to stay competitive in today’s market. Listen to Louis Dachis of Ace Spirits and David Driscoll of K&L Wine Merchants on how technology is making their business grow on national level and you get a lesson on distribution and why there are shipping restrictions to different states in the US. Ledbury offers premium high-quality button-down shirts and apparel with easy returns and top-notch customer service. Visit today and use the code BOURBON at checkout to get 20% off your first order. With Flaviar, enjoy themed tasting boxes and exclusive access to 15,000 bottles including private picks, rare, and vintage spirits at and use coupon code PURSUIT during checkout. Day Drinkin’ Jerky! Always smoked, never dried. Made with Bourbon and other spirits. Use offer code “PURSUIT” to save 10% on your first order at

  • Talk about your stores and the markets you serve
  • How have you seen the bourbon market effect your business? What's the good what's the bad?
  • How does having a very prominent online presence given you an advantage?
  • Do you see your barrel picks making its way out of state because of online orders? Do you feel that impacts locals?
  • We know allocated items in bourbon are coveted right now. How are you dealing with this surge? Do you reward continual shoppers, even online shoppers that are out of state?
  • Is there a better way to get products into the hands of consumers other than the three-tier system?
  • Why are there so many law restrictions on shipping alcohol across state lines? Why can't we have a uniform federal ruling that allows shipment across state lines?
  • This goes into global shipping. For example: A Malt like Springbank 21 (700 ml) at Masters of Malt retails for $220ish. Even if I bought only one bottle and paid $40 for ship on the 1 bottle, it is still cheaper than purchasing the 750 ml US version for $390ish. Where do you think a savvy consumer would buy? How will US retail stay competitive in the global marketplace at this rate?
  • In an ideal world where you can sell more volume online, what do you want to see changed?
Oct 26, 2017
With the current climate of overpriced rare whiskey, how do you turn that into a profitable business? Matt Landan talks about pivoting his coffee shop into Haymarket Whiskey Bar, a staple of bourbon country and Top 40 whiskey bar. The Eight Smart mattress will improve your sleep with cutting edge tech features. Visit & use code PURSUIT to get $100 off all mattresses With Flaviar, enjoy themed tasting boxes and exclusive access to 15,000 bottles including private picks, rare, and vintage spirits at and use coupon code PURSUIT during checkout.
  • Everyone who has visited Louisville probably knows but we are going to talk about the history of the bar
  • Do you think this is becoming a new landmark on the bourbon trail
  • How are you appealing to the local bourbon community?
  • You also do something unique with the price of your Van Winkles too
  • People on the forums also thought you ruined bourbon for maybe 30 minutes last year too
  • Talk about the new Vintage spirits law and what that means
  • You’re keeping up with it. what’s the latest news with it and where are they?
  • What are some potential pit falls?
  • How do retailers or people like yourself protect themselves from frauds?
  • What mistakes have you made trying to run a whiskey bar?
  • What advice would you give to someone?
  • How do feel about increased competition?
Oct 19, 2017
Recent whiskey news has really been depressing. There hasn’t been much good that’s come of it so the roundtable spends an hour and complains. We hit on everything from the sadness that is EH Taylor Four Grain being named Whiskey of the Year to the depressing news of no more Eagle Rare store picks in 2018. Read more sorrowing news we talk about in the show notes below Day Drinkin’ Jerky! Always smoked, never dried. Made with Bourbon and other spirits. Use offer code “PURSUIT” to save 10% on your first order at It’s time to be your own boss! Learn more about franchising The UPS Store at With Flaviar, enjoy themed tasting boxes and exclusive access to 15,000 bottles including private picks, rare, and vintage spirits at and use coupon code PURSUIT during checkout.
  • Whiskey Of The Year according to Jim Murray is the EH Taylor Four Grain
  • Did anyone actually like it?
  • Is this a ploy to sell more books?
  • How is this going to effect next year’s release?
  • There is a new Woodford Reserve Master’s Collection
  • Kerry isn’t a fan but Eric does like it. They disucuss
  • David J Montgomery from Professor Cocktail is a moron. He tried selling his BTAC samples on the Secondary Market. Will Buffalo Trace change their sample distribution process now?
  • Do relationships matter when you live in a control state?
  • There will be no Eagle Rare store picks in 2018. Kerry explains.
  • What are UofL fans going to do now with their Pitino and Jurich Maker's bottles?
Listen to all the roundtables 
Oct 12, 2017
Is the madness ever going to end? Are those unicorn bottles going to continue to climb in price for the future? How did we end up here? Past guest Chuck Cowdery, a bourbon authority, enlightens us to how the history of bourbon being an unwanted commodity created stocks of well aged whiskey that led us to the market we see today. It’s time to be your own boss! Learn more about franchising The UPS Store at Get 5% off your in-store and online orders at Art Eatables with offer code “Pursuit”
  • Lets talk about the past and the bourbon, crisis, was it an overall understanding that bourbon might be extinct?
  • At what point did you come in to see some of this first hand?
  • How did advertising work for bourbon? How did you get it into the hands of elders?
  • How did no one see this coming? Like literally no one.
  • You talk about the resurgence of bourbon was partly because of the lack of drinkers because it led to the unintentional benefit of very well-aged whiskey
  • What were distillers doing with this better aged whiskey?
  • Do you think exports are the biggest benefactor?
  • What were bourbon brands doing at the time to appeal to the Japanese and European markets?
  • So people are buying whiskey again, how are distillers ramping up production?
  • Was there a surge of more NDPs and independent bottlers buying sourced whiskey?
  • Why do you call this a “not so attractive” trend?
  • At what point did we start seeing the “shortage”? or is there really a shortage?
  • Have NDPs died off because they can’t source or contract distill now?
  • Will craft distillers put a dent in the market or are they just looking for their piece of the pie?
  • Do you think any of these companies will be "under water" on their investments when the bourbon matures for sales in 4-12 years? Especially when they have to compete with the big boys as they are expanding.
  • Do you think we are going to see people drop off because we don’t have a lot of well-aged whiskey now? We have distillers and craft distillers removing age statements. How will that effect the future?
  • What’s the key to making this trend last?
Oct 5, 2017
Have you ever visited the Bourbon Heritage Center in Bardstown or the Evan Williams Bourbon Experience in downtown Louisville? It's time you meet Jeff Crowe who is the General Manager of Visitor Experiences for Heaven Hill. Jeff takes us through what each locations have to offer and gives some insight into how he can fairly distribute Parker's Heritage and William Heaven Hill releases It’s time to be your own boss! Learn more about franchising The UPS Store at The Eight Smart mattress will improve your sleep with cutting edge tech features. Visit & use code PURSUIT to get $100 off all mattresses
  • Did you come from a hospitality background or whiskey?
  • Was life a bit less hectic in 2013?
  • How has bourbonism grown since you have been around?
  • Has it put more stress on your job
  • Talk about each theEvan Williams Bourbon Experience EWBE and theBourbon Heritage Center BHC and what you will see in each
  • Heaven Hill is unique that you don’t actually ever get to tour where the majority of the bourbon is made. Is there plans to open up Bernheim for visitors?
  • I’ve always told people that they need to visit EWBE to break up the distillery visits because it’s more like a mix of a museum with video projectors. Most distillery visits get pretty repetitive but this breaks the mold. Do you know whose idea it was to build it this way?
  • Talk about the history of this building because it was owned by the Shapiros at one point too.
  • What is the wildest thing you’ve seen happen at either location? Someone trying to dive into the large glass of Evan Williams at the entrance?
  • You also spend time at the BHC in Bardstown. Even though these locations are only an hour away from each other, is there a different vibe or feeling the visitors get from each?
  • Is there something one offers that the other can’t?
Sep 28, 2017
Freddie Johnson has a long resume. Previous guest on episode 59, 3rd Generation Employee at Buffalo Trace, and Tour Guide Extraordinaire. He joins to talk about Bourbon Pompeii, who was Thomas H Handy (THH) and other tidbits of random knowledge you only get from Freddie. It’s time to be your own boss! Learn more about franchising The UPS Store at The Eight Smart mattress will improve your sleep with cutting edge tech features. Visit & use code PURSUIT to get $100 off all mattresses
  • What’s been going on since the last time we talked?
  • You haven’t been getting a bigger head by reading all those 5 star TripAdvisor reviews have you?
  • Lets give everyone a little refresher about you and your family history at BT
  • So who’s going to continue the family tradition and be the 4th generation?
  • What are the ABCs of bourbon?
  • What is the origin of “the shot”?
  • Who was Thomas H. Handy?
  • Alright, this Bourbon Pompei, lets talk about it.
  • For some other geeks out there besides whisky geeks, you also took part in a new Buffalo Trace virtual reality tour. talk about that.
Sep 21, 2017
The bourbon community roundtable does a blind tasting with samples sent in by a fan of the show. The best bourbon bloggers out there are put to the test to see if they can figure out where it came from. You won’t believe what happens. Show notes below… It’s time to be your own boss! Learn more about franchising The UPS Store at Day Drinkin' Jerky! Always smoked, never dried. Made with Bourbon and other spirits. Use offer code pursuit to save 10% on your first order at
  • We’ve got a full house tonight with Blake from, Nick from BreakingBourbon, Kerry of, Brian of SippnCorn, and Michael with @flightofbourbon as our special guest
  • Blake talks about tasting blind all the time
  • What do you do about wanting to sample limited releases, but you may not get the opportunity if you only have that 1 shot to buy the bottle?
  • Throughout the show we try samples A, B, C, and D.
Sep 14, 2017
Fred Minnick, multi-appearance guest on the show and author of the new book Rum Curious, educates us bourbon drinkers on why rum isn’t so bad and how the rum industry needs the passion of the bourbon community. It’s time to be your own boss! Learn more about franchising The UPS Store at
  • Back in February you had a article named “For Rum’s Sake”, an open letter to bourbon drinkers. Was it a plea?
  • Why rum? There’s lots of other spirits
  • Name a few brands that are accessible in parts of the US that are trustworthy.
  • So what’s wrong with Captain Morgan and those typical ones we all think of?
  • We know bourbon has 3 main ingredients, but what are some of the main ones going into rum?
  • We also have corn whiskey, rye whiskey, etc, any variants?
  • So people want to learn more about rum, besides your book, where are the rum fanatics?
  • Talk about the laws and labels for rum producers
  • What do you think about those companies that say they can create an aged rum in less than 7 days using technology?
  • Thanks to Emmet Klocker that sent us some samples from Lemon Hart, Havana Club, and 1931/
Sep 7, 2017
Beau Beckman, Barrel Select Manager at Buffalo Trace, is now a 2nd time guest! We talk about how the program has matured, why you only get to taste 4 barrels rather than more, how the barrels are chosen for the program versus the regular blend, and how you can get your own. Get 5% off your in-store and online orders at Art Eatables with offer code “Pursuit”
  • So what’s been happening since the last time we chatted back on episode 009?
  • You’ve managed to stay off the news radar it seems like except there was a good article Forbes put out recently and our good friend Bourbon Truth was talking about good private barrels and said you basically had to lick someone’s balls (especially Beau beckman) to get anywhere
  • So we just did a pick and you said you can have the barrel or we can send it off to Mexico
  • For anyone that doesn’t know and didn’t catch them up to speed on your family heritage that you bashfully don’t like to talk about
  • I was actually out here today doing a barrel selection of Buffalo Trace, talk me through the process of what I experienced today
  • The numbers have been dwindling at every place for barrel selections. Where it was once fruitful to try 12 or more barrels, sometimes it’s down to three. Is this just lack of mature whiskey?
    • or is it lets dwindle down these remaining barrels for single selections and then we will pull out new ones
  • How often does it happen someone will pass on a barrel and then the next group or the group after says something ridiculous like “oh man, that’s the honey barrel!”
  • speaking of honey barrels, do you really believe there are such a thing and how often do those go to single select?
  • how are the barrels chosen for single select, randomly? by a group of tasters?
  • I've had some very off profile barrels too
  • Coming and doing a barrel pick for new whiskey geeks is like the ultimate experience. What do you attribute to the success of a single barrel program?
  • Any advice for those stores who are itching to get on the program or know of a shortcut?
Aug 31, 2017
Reid Bechtle & Emerald Adair of 1789b join the group to talk about the fascinations with the better things in life, how they started 1789b, how barrel selections have changed in 7 years, and the barrel picks they have still yet to do.
  • Introduce yourselves, your background and how bourbon got into your life
  • What are those coins you have in your hands?
  • Explain what 1789b is
  • Where does the name 1789b come from?
  • Do distilleries roll out the red carpet for you?
  • Have the advent of prolific Facebook groups influenced the group?
  • Talk about those early Reid & Emerald picks
  • How has the barrel selection process changed now that you don’t get the pick of everything in the rick house?
  • When newcomers are in the market and they see Billions with Michter’s 20 year and they get caught up in the chase. Do you all get caught up seeking limited releases too?
  • Is there a bourbon pick you haven’t done yet that would be on your bucket list?
  • Listen to the barrel pick we all did back on Episode 105
Aug 24, 2017
The roundtable is back with a new panel member. Some of us got cursed by making fun of the eclipse while others are being cursed by the Old Forester vapor gods by stealing some extra alcohol for OFBB 2017. Show notes below... Get 5% off your in-store and online orders at Art Eatables with offer code “Pursuit”
  • Thanks to Maxwell Christy of SuperflyBourbonClub, Blake from, Jordan from BreakingBourbon, and a brief appearance from Kerry of
  • Who watched the eclipse today? Anyone else underwhelmed?
  • OFBB is releasing their 2017 Birthday Bourbon
  • How about Old Forester Statesman? Has anyone tried it yet?
  • Why is it people are ok with higher prices on private label bourbons however it’s not like that in any other industry?
  • Quinn English asks “I’d like to hear more about distribution and alternatives for the three tier system”
  • Vlad Belchinsky asks “I would like to see a discussion about 'store picks", are they really and why does someone's opinion of 1 barrel drive the price up over a standard release?”
  • Adam Kessell asks “Another topic is what you drink when you don't drink bourbon. And it's connection to bourbon. Or bourbon barrel aged tequila/rum, etc.”
Aug 17, 2017
Retail Pricing Wars! Does MSRP really mean anything? How do stores price their products relative to their size, customer base, and geographic location? We’re joined by Ed Bley of Cork N Bottle and Angelo Ingrati of Peppino's Liquors & Wine to discuss both sides of the story. Read Show Notes Below. Get 10% off your online orders at with offer code “bpursuit”. Offer ends on 8/27/2017
  • What’s your reason on why your stores can sell above MSRP?
  • Why would any store NOT sell at secondary pricing?
  • How does geography play a role into this with Kentucky vs NYC?
  • Is Buffalo Trace or the distillery the real culprits of the problem?
  • Don’t most liquor stores make their money on volume rather than limited releases? So how do you keep your customers happy after this bubble bursts?
  • Small mom & pop shops are losing allocation and reps are favoring big box stores, do you see this as a problem on the distributer side?
  • Do store owners get tired of hearing “Do you have any X?”
  • What do you think is the effect of square footage of your retail space? What are their advantages?
  • How do you buy enough fireball to get any limited release bourbon?
  • Are everyday items priced higher in NYC like Maker’s Mark?
  • By raising the retail price, then do you feel like you are cutting out the distributor and the distillery of their fair share?
Aug 10, 2017
Denny Potter, Master Distiller and VP of Operations at Heaven Hill, talks about his past handling dangerous chemicals, answers if bourbon production is green, touches on age statement removals and the market for higher age statements. Show Notes:
  • Thanks to Linden Ferguson for being the guest co-host
  • The man behind many of the famous brands we talk about on the show like Evan Williams, Elijah Craig, Henry McKenna, Larceny and much more. Former Master Distiller and now VP of Operations at Heaven Hill, Denny Potter
  • Talk about your history and how you came to Heaven Hill
  • Talk about your old jobs dealing with dangerous chemicals.
  • Talk about the environmental impact of bourbon production.
  • So you have a history of rum. What do you think about this newborn uptick in Rum interest?
  • How many barrels is Heaven Hill producing per day?
  • What once was impossible to get rid of and now HH has been known for their high aged premium products by whiskey geeks. From Martin Mills 24 to EC18 and 23 and WHH 14 and 15 years, do you anticipate the future whiskey drinkers 10 years from now to still be wanting higher aged products?
  • There's a little known gem here in KY and that's the 6 year BIB white label. When you travel do people ask you about how they can get their hands on some?
  • What are some of those labels people are always wanting to know more about or how they can get their hands on?
Aug 3, 2017
Joseph Magliocco, President of Michter’s Distillery and CEO of Chatham Imports, joins the podcast to talk about the rebirth of an American Whiskey brand and how he used to sell it growing up. He talks about why he rebooted Michter’s in Kentucky rather than Schaefferstown, Pennsylvania and we talk through each of their whiskeys and ryes including their extreme high end expressions and whether or not the barrel proof bourbon will be a line extension.
  • Lets talk about the beginning because you’re an odd type of guest for us. We’re typically getting Andrea Wilson or Pam Heilmann on to talk about brands, but you my friend are the business end. Talk about how you carved your path in this wine and spirits world
  • I’m glad to hear you call it Michter’s because i hear people call in “Mishters” and i cringe.
  • Talk about the history of Michter’s and where you come in
  • What legal hurdles did you have to overcome when taking the name?
  • You could have created a new brand. You didn’t need the name. But why use the Michter’s name anyway?
  • Why did you decide to revive the brand in Kentucky vs the history in Schaefferstown, Pennsylvania
  • I mean, that distillery in PA had one of the greatest iconic runs of all time with AH. Hirsch. Can you comment on that?
  • You are also reviving other brands like Bombergers and Shenks.
  • All of these brands have origins in Schaefferstown, Pennsylvania
  • You know I wish I was smart enough to get my hands on M25 Rye and even more bottles of M10. Those older vintages are out of this world
  • I’m going to put you on the hot seat here for a minute. How do you justify the price tag of your Celebration bourbon?
  • What’s future expansion looking like for Michter’s?
  • Where are you planning to take the brand next?
  • During the week of the KY Bourbon Affair you released a barrel strength Michter’s. Is this going to be a line extension?
  • Listen to all the Michter's Podcasts.
Jul 27, 2017
#BCR is back again with more questions than ever coming from our viewers. We talk about Sazerac’s devious marketing tactic with age statement removal, the regrets of past purchases, will we see a buying increase of pre-sourced NDP after their stills are running, and how our buying habits have changed Get 10% off your online orders at with offer code “bpursuit”
  • So Who's shipped their samples from the last roundtable?
  • The picture BCR made famous. Old Charter 8 vs 8yr. Was there a case to be made?
  • Lucas asks: With the bourbon boom in full effect, many of the large NDPs have really focused over the last few years on getting their own stills set up. Many of these brands have loyal followings from people that know what an NDP is . As these brands start to bottle their own juice, will we see a shift along the same lines as the hunt for stitzel weller juice or old heaven hill stock. Brands like Bulleit, Michters, Angels envy, and Luxco have plenty of money to pay chemists and tasters to keep flavor as close as possible but bourbon nerds are notorious for wanting what they no longer can get. What are your thoughts on the possibility of a subculture being created for people that really want Four Roses Bulleit or Heaven Hill Ezra brooks instead of what these companies are actually producing on their own? Will brands suffer as they change sources? Will we not notice it at all because the blending process is so key to major bourbon labels? Will consumers notice at all?
  • Eric, who has yet to make an appearance from Breaking Bourbon, posted an article about changing our buying habits. Have you all slowed down? Amped up? Do you have more bourbon than you can drink in your lifetime?
  • Rick Noland asks: You guys talk about FOMO. I also occasionally have FOBR (Fear of Buyer's Remorse). How about an open discussion for the next Roundtable for the bottle(s) everyone regrets buying?
Jul 25, 2017
Wild Turkey Barrel Selection Exclusive with Ed Bley of Cork N Bottle, Reid and Emerald of 1789b, Nick Dikeos of The Bourbon Mafia, and Jimmy Russell of Wild Turkey. Get an inside look at how these connoisseurs of bourbon choose barrels while Jimmy is rattling off more information and history than we knew before. This is a Bourbon Pursuit first, bringing you inside on a private barrel selection. Get 5% off your in-store and online orders at Art Eatables with offer code “Pursuit”
  • Everyone introduce themselves
  • Ed, what’s your mentality going into a barrel pick?
  • Jimmy, what hasn’t been tried in this business?
  • Jimmy, you said Wild Turkey doesn’t produce anything outside of their own brands but what about Old Ripy and Bond and Lilliard?
  • Emerald, what’s bourbon like in Arizona?
  • Jimmy, talk about Chill Filtering
  • Ed, do you feel like we could be choosing barrels that have been passed on by others?
  • Jimmy talks about MGP, Schenley, and more
  • Nick, talk about off-profile picks and why they are desired
  • Emerald, how has barrel picking changed since bourbon has become so popular because you can’t get things like private ETL?
  • Reid, talk about the differences between choosing barrels at Four Roses
  • Jimmy, talk about the oak that goes into making the barrels
  • Jimmy, when it comes to local farmers, does farm to bottle really mean anything?
  • Jimmy, how did you get in trouble with the Wild Turkey pewter tops?
  • Ed, Reid, and Nick, what do you think collaborations of different stores and groups coming together to make something special?
  • Jimmy, talk about Parker Beam from Heaven Hill
  • These bottles will be in stores very soon!
Jul 20, 2017
A combination of 10 interviews all done at WhiskeyLive in Louisville. This podcast features Fred Noe and Beth Burrows of Jim Beam, Joe Beatrice of Barrell Bourbon, Brian Gelfo of Rabbit Hole, John Foster of Smooth Ambler, Josh Hollifield of Barton 1792, Kelly Ramsey of Art Eatables, Winston Edwards of Balcones, Greg Roshkowski of Cooper’s Craft, and we wrap it up with Bill Thomas of Jack Rose. Thanks to WhiskyLive during the Bourbon Affair for letting us come and record these interviews. Make sure you attend a future WhiskyLive event.
Jul 13, 2017
Drew Mayville, Master Blender at Buffalo Trace / Sazerac, has one of the most important jobs and that’s making sure the blended products meet a flavor profile. We dive into the differences between tanked and non-tank Sazerac 18 year and even talk about his involvement with the Old Rip 25 year. - Talk about your past because I did some LinkedIn sleuthing last night and come to find out you’re no spring chicken. - Talk about what it means to be a master blender because we talk to master distillers all the time but we don’t get to see this side very often - talk about the panel and the process - would you say blenders are under appreciated in this business? - talk about some of the labels you are blending for - lets take Eagle Rare as an example, what are some of the characteristics you are looking for to have it’s consistency? - are you using a previous batch or set of samples and comparing that to new samples? - Did i read somewhere that BT’s Buffalo Cream is your baby? - what else are you or your team responsible for? - fireball? - Harlen has his vodka. If you have your way, what sort of spirit do you want your name across? - Everyone knows that warehouse X is part of the experimentation projects. Do you have some of your own things over there as well? - Don’t you think experimentation of everything has been done already? Many consumers are just looking for good bourbon from a good distillery with a rich history. - Personally, the EHT 4 Grain was a way to build the EH Taylor hype but, of BT knew the 4grain bourbon was better than 3, then all bourbons would have been 4grain from the beginning. am i wrong? - Is the single barrel, barrel proof explosion going to put you out of business?
Jul 6, 2017

Brent Elliott, Master Distiller at Four Roses, takes us through the creation of Al Young’s 50th Anniversary bourbon at an exclusive session during WhiskyLive. We are looking for partnerships to help support the podcast. Get more information at Show Notes:
  • Listen as Brent talks about every individual bourbon and how it blended all together to make Al’s commemorative bourbon.
  • Listen to Al Young’s podcast and all the past Four Roses episodes at
  • Special Thanks to WhiskyLiveUSA for letting us share this information with you during WhiskyLive Louisville. Show your support for WhiskyLiveUSA by liking their page and attending one of their events.
Jun 29, 2017

The Bourbon Community Roundtable #9 talks about the recent news of one man who has defrauded the secondary bourbon market with counterfeit bourbon. We wrap up the show talking about the Weller 12 craze. Be sure to subscribe on iTunes: We are looking for partnerships to help support the podcast. Get more information at Show Notes: - The biggest reveal in secondary market history. A seller with 2+ years worth of building up sales reveals that he's been counterfeiting bottles. - hear the story unfold - how does this impact bourbon going forward? - how do you trust you seller? - how can you trust anything in bars? - What has happened with Weller12? It’s madness   TRANSCRIPT   So on June 14th, the bourbon internet broke. I remember going to bed, looking at my phone and then not putting it down for almost an hour. This is a long story and we are going to break out the conversation based on the 3 segments of the story.   Part 1. Here’s how it started. Brandon Priest, a longtime seller on the secondary market, has admitted to buying empty bottles on Ebay, refilling them, resealing them, and selling them as new. I’ll let the people who did the sleuthing remain anonymous and refer to them as A&A. Brandon had provided elaborate excuses, claiming he had bought a number of what-he-thought-were-real bottles from a man from Chicago, now un-findable, in two deals that went down in Indianapolis in January. After letting him toil over it for two days, A&A had all their direct evidence ready. It was presented  to Brandon. A&A had his ebay account, the empties he bought, and photos of the exact same bottles now “full and new” owned by his unsuspecting customers. Brandon first denied everything, but eventually confessed. He intentionally defrauded people, and frankly, A&A had planned to tear him apart in public. Instead, A&A spent hours talking with him, trying to figure out what he should do from here. Brandon has offered to make things right as best he can. He has already issued some refunds and says he will do so for anyone else who received a fake. He asks that his family won’t be harassed, his property damaged, his business destroyed, and whatever other retaliatory acts people may be contemplating.   As it turns out, dozens of the empties he bought are actually sitting on his home bar, refilled but open, to show off to guests as bar stock. A&A  asked him to destroy those and provide proof.   A&A asked Don’t panic over every bottle you have. The market itself is still by and large trustworthy. If you have a bottle you bought from Brandon within the past 6 months and it has a wax or plastic seal, or just a plain tax stamp, it may be fake. He did sell mostly real bottles. All bottles prior to 2017 seem to be ok at this point. A&A have been working with him to verify individual bottles he faked.   You have to know that Brandon Priest had been selling bottles consistently, every week for years. He had mules at Liquor Barn raffles, willett runs, and paid people to stand in lines. Rumors began swirling that his sales were in upwards of $100k. Of course and without question, everyone began questioning their previous purchases. In the span of 48 hours, people were looking at bottles such as their 4R Small Batch LEs and noticed that the film seemed off, like it was done with a hair dryer. Others brought out their tax stamped bottles and there was even a rumor that he went as low as counterfeiting a Lost Prophet orphan barrel.  
  1. So before we get into parts 2 and 3 where he digs himself deeper, the community went up in arms and were asking for his head. Blake what was your initial impression?
  2. People were wondering, is it even possible to take it to the authorities for grand theft and fraud, from a legal standpoint, Brian does that sound like a dumb idea?
  3. Do you all think it was a wise choice to not outright viciously attack him and his family and business?
  4. People believe he is only sorry he got caught. which is probably true
  5. Here’s the thing, this guy didn’t look like he needed the money. He has pictures from courtside games, multiple Super Bowls, drove a really nice car. Was it greed?
  6. I wonder if WIllett raising prices is what made him go chris route. Because he was like the walmart of bourbon on the secondary market. a $120 bottle he would sell for like $180 or $160. after shipping that’s like a $40 profit. didn’t make sense.
  7. Something should have been up when there are rules in place in some forums that say you can’t delete a post. However, his were always deleted.
  8. The real question is, what as he refilling them with?
  Part 2. Within 24 hours, he shut down his Facebook account and people started blasting his business on Yelp, Facebook, and Google. The business took down their Facebook pages and it didn’t take long to find his home address since he shipped so many packages. Not to mention the Yelp rating went down to 1 star almost immediately. A&A started the refund process that involved Brandon’s cooperation. Brandon also has a full statement to make to apologize to the bourbon community. The community was in an uproar and wanted his head on a silver platter. A&A insisted they are not going soft on him. We’re being practical, level-headed, and extremely wary. Brandon asked that everyone stop retaliations against his business and family. Those that had posted public messages about him, Brandon asks that you remove them. He knows you’re beyond furious and this will all be addressed in his statement. A&A said Immediacy is not the priority. Accuracy and thoroughness is. Again thanks for your cooperation, understanding, and patience.  
  1. Did deleting his Facebook account really help the situation?
  2. How many bar and liquor stores could be scammed by this going forward as Louisville passes the new vintage spirit bill.
  3. If he wanted his business spared, perhaps using that business email address to conduct illegal and fraudulent sales was a terrible idea. He misused business resources to break the law. HE would do well to keep that in mind before making demands.
  4. Is he in a position to make demands? I mean i guess he still has the upper hand after all
  5. Did any of you all buy bottles from him?
  6. At this time, it was rumored that the local news caught wind of the story but it never aired. From a slander point of view, is this something that could have been broadcast on public airwaves?
  7. To salvage his family business, Brandon went on yelp and said “there are some people out there trying to destroy “our business” reputations by making false accusations. We have been in business since 1956 & our track record speaks for itself. We helped hundred of families buy and sell their home. our business was built around service and integrity”. That takes some balls, no?
  Part 3. Brandon releases his statement. A&A say Brandon’s statement is entirely him. What you see here is entirely A&A. A&A presented facts, not passing judgement or offering opinion, so please recognize this as such. A&A is not “representing” Brandon. A&A We’re trying to track down fakes and get restitution to those defrauded. A&A isn’t the law or the government. A&A did this for the benefit of the community and because of our interest/expertise in counterfeit collectible whiskey. Brandon has so far refunded 9 people since this was uncovered, and has worked with a 10th to agree on a payment plan for a larger multi-bottle purchase. A&A can confirm that Brandon is working to repay all who received fakes. He has to pull together the finances. Restitution to all who received fakes truly does seem to be his goal, and achievable, though it may take him some time. That is A&As feeling at this time. A team was assembled to review fakes (and that team is highly regarded in the community for knowing vintage bottles) and restitution comes directly from Brandon. At this point, A&A has confirmed with  about 30 fakes. 24 were traded/sold and 6 were at his home “sealed.” Another couple dozen or so “open bottles” (i.e. refilled but not resealed) were also on display as stock in his home bar. He also bought a small number of red and green tax strips. Total value of fakes sold is currently estimated at $16k. This may rise to $18k-$20k. Number of victims is about 20, which may rise by a few. The uncertainty is because Brandon is often inexact and hard to pin down on details. He has been cooperative yet sometimes evasive and/or unavailable. A&A did not suspect this was of a significantly larger scale. To help identify fakes/empties/refills, A&A’s MO commonly included asking Brandon questions that they already knew the answer to. For instance, when Brandon first sent us his statement, it claimed he didn’t fake anything prior to 2017. A&A knew this to be untrue, although the vast majority of fakes were made in 2017. When A&A finally confronted that untruth with evidence to the contrary, Brandon revised the not-before date to November 2016. A&A confirms that Brandon was buying empties on eBay as early as November, 2016. At this point no evidence has presented itself that he made fakes prior to then. I think this is where it gets funny. Brandon destroyed the open “fake drinker” bottles he still had. He provided “before” pictures as well as a video of him smashing them. Since A&A recognized this as a dangerous task, they reminded Brandon to wear protective gear, gloves, thick clothing, eye protection, etc. Brandon chose to wear no protection. He ended up in Urgent Care with injuries to his hand and foot. This is included as an example of one of the many challenges that caused continued delays and frustrations. A&A concludes they are not here to “let him off easy.” They are not trying to keep this “away from law enforcement.” They have asked for your patience and cooperation in what has been a very difficult, intensive process.   Here’s Brandon’s Statement: “I want to formally apologize to everyone affiliated with these groups.  This was without a doubt the dumbest thing I've ever done in my life & it's something I have to learn & live with.  I understand that admitting my faults & working to make each one right will never be good enough.     With the exception of my brothers death this is the hardest thing I've ever had to go through in my life.  Many innocent people that I'm close to are now being negatively affected by this.  I would ask that people focus their hate on me instead of my family or businesses I'm associated with.   The problem I'm faced with now is that I was a very active seller in these groups for the past couple of years.  I checked my Fedex account & I shipped over 1200 packages in 24 months.  77% of these packages had more than one bottle.  Now everyone I've ever sold to thinks they have received a fake bottle & I completely understand why.  98.6% of everything I sold was real.   I'm hoping that people will soon see that to be true.     What I did was wrong & by no means am I trying to justify my actions in this message.  I’ve worked with others to confirm fake bottles with whom they went to along with a plan on how they will be paid back.  I have destroyed any fake bottles that I had in my possession.   The list of fake bottles isn't nearly as long as many of you may think. Some of you have already received refunds & others I've been in contact with & committed to a date which they will receive their refund.   I would please ask that you remove all the public messages about me that have been posted.  People are posting negative remarks about my company all across the internet.  Doing this affects too many innocent people.  I know many of you want to destroy me & reading this message may make you hate me even more.   For me to be accused of selling 10s of thousands of dollars of fake bourbon is crazy.  I've seen some reviews where I'm being accused of selling $100s of thousands in fake bourbon.     I would like to apologize for my yelp post.  I was trying to defend the business itself & not my actions.  I can see how that would have been misinterpreted.  I have removed that post.   Telling the truth comes with many consequences which I'm fully prepared to accept.  However, this situation has snowballed & has gotten extremely out of proportion.  I've had countless threats mainly from people that I did nothing to.  The few guys that were directly impacted by this have been the most forgiving.  I've never really been a religious person, but this has made me look to God as I don't know what else I can do.  I'm praying everyday & hoping that people will view me for how I handled this as supposed to what I have done.     To the guys that did receive fake bottles.  I want to assure you that I will make this right.  There are no words that can explain how bad I feel about this.  It will not do any good to post the factors that led to me doing this.  The bottom line is it was wrong.     I built *allot* of good relationships over the last few years with allot of you & now those relationships have been destroyed.  For me that's the my biggest lost.  Many of you defended in a time of need & I let each & everyone of you down.  This most of all is what I'm having a hard time dealing with.     The guys in these groups share a special bond that I can't describe.  It was this bond that made these groups so enjoyable to be a part of over the last few years.     I could have easily denied all of these allegations & just disappeared, but in order for me to clear my conscious I have to make this right.  There is no doubt that this the biggest mistake I've ever had to fix in my life.     I want to emphasize that I am going to complete the refund process.  I want this over & I couldn't imagine how bad it would get if I say I'm going to send refunds & I don't come through.  If I didn't plan on paying anyone back I wouldn't even bother responding to the messages I received.  I wouldn't bother cooperating in general.  I just wanted to make that clear.     My goal is to have 100% of the refunds completed by 4th of July.   So just to clarify so there's no confusion.  I've already refunded 10 guys.  The remaining few will get refunds by next Friday. I have a plan in place to make this happen.     In closing I hope people use this as an example of what not to do.  I really enjoyed getting to know many of you & will miss being a part of the community.  You will never see me in the years to come sell another bottle of bourbon.”   In the hours that followed, there was a new 5Star Yelp review by Cliff B saying “the negative reviews are the furthest thing from the truth. Brandon is a very respected agent. Looks like to me a bunch of drunk bourbon members have too much time on their hands. I speak for *allot* of people when i say you will always have our respect.” This is was easily ousted as a fake review because he misspelled the the word “a lot” once again. And the memes continue from there.  
  1. I wish we could see the bottle smash video!
  2. Do you think the apology letter was sincere?
  3. So what’s the verdict, do you really think we are only looking at $16k-20k or is it still a very shady situation? I mean 30 out of 1200 packages.
  4. Once the payments are done and restitution is complete, what happens? Are the flood gates open?
  5. How is this going to change the secondary market going forward? What provence do you have to make up to know the history of bottle acquisition?
  Listen Now: Watch Now: iTunes: Google Play Music: YouTube: Instagram: Twitter:
Jun 22, 2017

Charlie Downs, Artisanal Distillery Manager at Evan Williams Bourbon Experience (a part of Heaven Hill Brands) talks about the operations, his mentorship with Parker Beam, and the recollection of events that took place at the Heaven Hill fire of 1996. We are looking for partnerships to help support the podcast. Get more information at Show Notes - Before we dive into it, people have to know about you. As most people may know, my wife works at HH and I was at the company Christmas party this year where you were honored by spending your 40th year at HH. - What has this business taught you? - talk about how you carved your path in HH and who was your mentor and who gave you those lucky breaks? - Do you have a favorite memory with Parker? - Lots of people like to just call this a tourist center, but this is actually a functioning distillery as well - Is it just Evan Williams or a different mash bill are you distilling? - How many barrels a day? - And you’re about to hit that 4 year mark, what’s the plans for the first few barrels? - Talk about the fire of 1996 and where were you - Other than amount, what the difference between you here and Denny over at the Bernheim plant - do you often feel like a hamster in a cage? Listen Now: Watch Now: iTunes:…/bourbon-pursuit-podc…/id975392298 Google Play Music:… YouTube: Instagram: Twitter:
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