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The Official Podcast of Bourbon! Featuring interviews with the people making the bourbon industry happen. Listen to hear all the stories behind your favorite brands from master distillers, authors, pundits, bloggers, and more. A new podcast every week focused on America’s native spirit, bourbon.
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Bourbon Pursuit: The Official Podcast of Bourbon | Insiders, Pundits, and Master Distillers of the Bourbon Whiskey Industry





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Jun 3, 2016

Ray Perryman (@LBSpringHurst), Spirits Manager at Liquor Barn (@LiquorBarn) in Louisville, shares an insider view to carrying over 400 bourbon and whiskeys, how to deal with the allocated ones, and keeping transparency.

  • We open up a Van Winkle Rye 13 Year to start the show
  • Ray, I know you're a beer guy but do you enjoy the brown water?
  • How did you get into bourbon?
  • What is Liquor Barn for all those outside of Louisville?
  • What's the day in the life of a spirits manager?
  • You came into the Springhurst location and you said it was in dire need of a shakeup. What have you done to increase interest?
  • Talk about the Tasting Bar
  • How do you all deal with releasing rare bourbons
  • Talk about Flat Boat Bourbon
May 27, 2016

Jordan, Eric and Nick, authors behind, talk about how bourbon fill levels change flavor profiles and we look at the new releases to come in 2016.

  • We see yet another Colonel Taylor will be hitting the market called EH Taylor four grain.
  • Each one of you give us a quick tidbit about how you got into bourbon
  • So what led into the point of starting a blog?
  • You all get to do a lot of reviews, what are some top reviews for whiskeys outside the state of KY?
  • You did your 100th review and you made it special. Tell us about that.
  • One of my favorite articles is the Bourbon Storage experiment. Tell everyone about that.
  • Once you open a bottle of bourbon, how long do you have until you have to drink it all?
  • One of your most popular articles is the release calendar. What are you all looking at for favorite releases outside of Fall?
May 20, 2016

Adam Johnson, Director of the KY Bourbon Trail, comes back to gives us the scoop on the 2016 Bourbon Affair and a more about Senate Bill 11.

  • Senate Bill 11 tourism reform bill
  • You’re our first 3-peat guest, what’s been happening in the past year?
  • We’ve said time and time again that the Bourbon Affair is like a fantasy camp for bourbon lovers. Give everyone a recap of what is the Kentucky Bourbon Affair.
  • I was fortunate enough to go to the Opening Event last year at the MegaCavern and it was phenomenal. I was able to rub shoulders with titans of the industry and met some stellar folks. My wife even got me to do the ropes course since i’m scared of heights. What is the opening event like this year?
  • Talk about some of the newer events happening this year?
  • There was also one with Heaven Hill’s Build-aBarrel. talk about that.
  • I see that half the events are already sold out. it seems like everyone wants the opportunity to do a single barrel selection.
  • Pick the top 3 events with tickets still available.
  • We talked about the Old Forester Speakeasy series with Andy Treinan a few weeks ago. That seems like another “can’t miss event”
May 10, 2016

Andrea Wilson, Vice President and General Manager of Michter’s Distillery, gives us the history of Michter’s, her rich history influencing the bourbon industry behind the scenes, and hints at a new 20 year bourbon release and potential Celebration.


  • Talk about your first encounter with whiskey or bourbon
  • How did that influence you to make a career from it?
  • What kind of path did you take because you can’t tell a distillery, “Hey i’ve got experience because i’ve been moonshining”
  • You’ve got a historic past. First woman to serve as chair for the KDA. What does that mean to you?
  • Talk about your current position at Michter’s and what that means
  • Give some people a quick history lesson of Michters
  • There is a new place being built on Whiskey Row, talk about that.
  • There are 4 core products, talk about each one of those and choose a favorite child
  • Then we have a few that are super extreme premium bourbons. Now choose a favorite child.
  • You also have reminiscent feelings when drinking bourbon, talk about your tasting experience.
  • What sort of legacy or impression do you want to leave on the industry?
Apr 29, 2016

Andy Treinen, the Director of Marketing at the Frazier History Museum, talks history of prohibition, the future Bourbon Museum for “bourbonism”, and the Old Forester Speakeasy Series.

  • Huge shoutout to Josh Menke for sending us a sample of Stranahans
  • Talk about your introduction to bourbon
  • What is the Frazier History Museum?
  • Talk about the prohibition exhibit on display right now
  • Talk about some of the things in the exhibit
  • Talk about George Remus and Al Capone
  • Why did they decide to do an exhibit?
  • What do you think is the most prized possession in the exhibit?
  • Talk about the future of this exhibit and your partnership with the KDA
  • Talk about what we will see in the future bourbon museum
  • This is important because of your location, so talk about that for a minute
  • Talk about the Old Forester Speakeasy Series
  • Finally, what’s the cost of admission to those who are on the trail and want to see the exhibit?

Apr 22, 2016

Chris Morris, Master Distiller at Woodford Reserve, gives an insight into the historic grounds and the $1000 Mint Julep in time for Derby.

- Talk about your first memorable experience with bourbon. Good or Bad?
- Talk about your background and coming into the bourbon industry
- Let's talk about the Woodford grounds a little bit. It's held over 4 different names in the 200 years it's been existence.
- What makes your bourbon special or unique compared to others?
- There’s a misconception that Woodford is aged longer than Old Forester. Can you explain the differences?
- What is the future of distilling going to be? Is it a science or art form?
- You've been quoted as saying "Because we have a small distillery we use less sour mash than many distillers, which gives more fresh grain in every batch”. I know we can go to the liquor store and read a label that says Sour Mash bourbon but what does sour mash truly mean?
- You also ferment the mash for nearly twice as long as other distilleries, around 6 or 7 days when most usually do 3 or 4. Again talk about the role that plays.
- You do some unique experiments that are released yearly or even at the distillery. The latest masters select was called 1838 Style white Corn. Then there was another recent release called frosty four Wood. Talk about those.
- Choose your favorite child
- Talk about the process of the “Double Double Oaked”
- It is Derby season and Woodford has some affinity with horses. Talk about your ties to the horse racing industry
- Any favorite horse names over the years?
- With Derby time the drink of the season if the Mint Julep, talk about the $1000 Mint Julep
- I don’t know if this is fact or fiction, but is the ice actually flown in from a glacier?
- How do you get your hands on one?

Apr 15, 2016

Fred Noe, Global Ambassador and Master Distiller at Jim Beam, talks about the history of Jim Beam, his celebrity encounters and the new Booker’s Rye release.

  • This episode is brought to you by the Kentucky Bourbon Affair that will be taking place in Louisville and Kentucky Bourbon Trail Distilleries June 14-19th. Packed with exclusive content, rare tastings, special bottlings, amazing food, and for the first time a Whiskey Live show—the Kentucky Bourbon Affair is the ultimate fantasy camp for Bourbon lovers. For more information and tickets, visit
  • You were born into this. Talk about your child hood and some Beam history
  • What are some things your dad taught you about this business and made you appreciate what you do today?
  • Your role is not only a master distiller but also a brand ambassador, do you ever sleep?
  • What’s the short list of some of your favorite places you’ve been?
  • What do you think has made Jim Beam grow to the #1 product in the world?
  • You've probably done a lot since then, best and worst jobs of working at the distillery?
  • The latest Beam ads feature Mila Kunis. Talk about your interactions with Mila.
  • A question from one of our listeners, what did you think of Mila when she blew up one of the rick houses in the latest ad?
  • What’s the current state of Jim Beam today?
  • As more engineering programs expand and more universities offer programs. Do you think the future of distilling is more science than art?
  • There's a lot of different bourbons under your portfolio, who are some of your right hand people to make sure every brand stays consistent?
  • Another question from one of our listeners, what is the inspiration behind the Signature Craft series?
  • Talk about Booker’s Rye that will be hitting the shelves soon.
  • If you have to start a journey for drinking Jim Beam bourbons to get to the point where you drinking Booker’s neat, where do you start?
  • Lastly, we need to get the Kentucky Chew.
Apr 8, 2016

Patrick Hutchens, Owner of Promotional Wood Products, shares his company’s story of giving premium bourbons the extra edge.


  • Tell us about your first encounter with bourbon
  • We’re sipping on a barrel of Knob Creek that you picked out. Tell us about it.
  • What is Promotional Wood Products?
  • How did the relationship form that you began to make all the boxes for every Booker’s?
  • How has production scaled in Booker’s boxes over 22 years?
  • Talk about how the scents of the Goose Island Rare box that you did
  • What’s the process for making a box?
  • How have you tried to perfect the manufacturing process?
  • Talk about the process of the barrel heads
  • Talk about the amount of moisture inside of the used barrel products
  • Are wooden boxes today like the gimmick of the ceramic decanters of the 70s?
  • Is your goal to have every bottle of bourbon out there in some wooden box
  • When you do put these items in boxes, do you really feel that you are making it a premium product?
  • Any special release boxes coming out?
Apr 1, 2016

New Podcast from Bourbon Pursuit! Episode 042 - Matt Gandolfo, Brand Ambassador for Wild Turkey, talks history of the brand, non-GMO grains, each of the expressions and the new “Decades” release set for May 2016.

- We kick off the show talking about one of our past guests, Marianne Barnes, and the new name for the Old Taylor Distillery.
- Tell us about your first encounter with bourbon
- Tell us about your role and what it consists of
- Why is Wild Turkey 101 and not 100?
- How did it grow to a business from 101?
- What did the name Austin Nichols mean to Wild Turkey?
- So why remove the name Austin Nichols from the brand?
- What are some of things during the process makes Wild Turkey unique compared to other brands?
- What does Non-GMO products give you in regards to quality?
- What’s it like hanging around Jimmy Russell?
- Talk about the individual expressions and the differences between each.
- Talk about the new release called “Decades" that will be coming in May 2016
- Is there something that holds true to the quote “Older turkey is better turkey”?
- If you have to have one Wild Turkey product on the shelf as a staple, which do you choose?

Mar 24, 2016

- Markers Mark is now starting a “private barrel” program. But it’s more like a private blend program.
- What’s your story?
- Tell the listeners about your Maker’s Mark collection
- How do you get a hold of all the export bottles?
- What would you consider your most prized Marker’s Mark collectable?
- Explain to the listeners what the Marker’s Mark ambassadors program is
- How does someone sign up for the program?
- Is it free of charge?
- What are the benefits of being an ambassador?
- Give the listeners some idea of the best items Marker’s Mark has sent over the years to their ambassadors.
- what’s the process for going to pick up a bottle from your batch? Is it like the Willy Wonka golden ticket?
- What is life like for the Samuels outside of bourbon?
- What are some of your favorite Maker’s Mark events over the past decade?

Mar 16, 2016

New Podcast from Bourbon Pursuit! Episode 040 - Jackie Zykan, Master Bourbon Specialist for Old Forester, talks about each of the individual expressions and the history behind this Louisville based brand.


- We are coming to you from Rye On Market in Louisville
- Tell us your coming to age of tale of bourbon
- What is it about Old Forester that made you leave working behind the bar
- Is Old Forester the same thing as Woodford Reserve?
- What do you actually do as a Master Bourbon Specialist?
- The name “Brown” has a stigma and prominence in Louisville. Talk about George Garvin Brown?
- Where is the 2nd “R” in the name?
- How did Old Forester move from sourcing to distilling it’s own stuff?
- How did Old Forester survive prohibition?
- Brown-Forman owns it’s own cooperage and what does that mean to you?
- Talk about each of the Old Forester brands and what makes each unique compared to the next
- What was the market reaction for the Whiskey Row edition?
- Give the listeners some kind of idea behind Birthday Bourbon
- What can you tell us about 2016 Birthday Bourbon
- Give us some of the more well-known cocktails you make

Mar 11, 2016

Rob Samuels, COO of Maker's Mark, talks about the operations behind Maker's and holding almost every job at the distillery since he was 9.


- We kick off the show talking about bourbon tourism numbers from 2015
- Talk about your childhood and growing up in the family business
- What does the phrase mean “blow your ears off?”
- Maker's has a great relationship with Keeneland, talk about it.
- Where do you see Makers as a part of the growth of bourbon?
- What do you think kept Maker's alive 20-30 years ago when vodka was king?
- What are some your favorite ads Maker's has had over the years?
- This is a family business. What was the best piece of advice your father ever gave you?
- You started at the distillery at 9 years old. Talk about holding all those various positions over the years. Best and worst job
- How do you get on the tasting panel at Maker's?
- Back in 2013 was the great proof reduction debacle. Talk about that.
- What are some of toughest decisions you’ve had to make as COO?
- Let's talk about life outside of bourbon. Do you have any other hobbies?

Mar 3, 2016

Turner Moore, President of Whiskey Obsession Festival, joins the show to talk about the festival and what to expect this year. It takes place 3/30/2016-4/1/2016 in Sarasota Florida.

- How did you get into bourbon or whiskey?
- Is there a certain bottle you would favor towards when you first began?
- Talk about your festival
- What do a lot of attendees coming away with at the end of the day and why do they love coming to your event?
- How does the panel session work?
- Talk about the tasting session and how you move from light to bolder flavor whiskies.
- What happens on the day of the main event?
- Where can you buy tickets?
- Talk about the cigar and whiskey pairing and what’s a good start for someone just beginning on that journey?
- Are any local distilleries going to be there?

Feb 20, 2016

Bernie Lubbers, Brand Ambassador for Heaven Hill, continues in Part 2 talking about Heaven Hill bourbon brands, the removal of the 12 year Elijah Craig age statement and breaks out the guitar for a Bourbon Pursuit first.

- Let’s talk about some of the brands from HH, because there are quite a few of them. But we will focus on the bourbon, of course. I’ll give you a name and you give us a fun fact or tidbit. (this is awesome! must listen part!)
- The cat is out of the bag. And it’s been the hot topic for the past week Elijah Craig is dropping the 12 year age statement and it’s going to be a blend of 8-12 years. You have a pretty firm stance on age statements. Talk about what that means to you
- What are the pros and cons of keeping and removing the the age statement?
- We wrap up the show with Bernie playing an original tune that has lots of different bourbons.


Feb 16, 2016

Bernie Lubbers, The Whiskey Professor and Brand Ambassador for Heaven Hill, talks about his past, catchphrase, and overview of bourbon badges in Part 1.

- Talk to us about how you first got into whiskey.
- You signature catchphrase or tagline is “Stay Bonded”. Tell the folks what you mean by that.
- Bernie talks about the history of Bottled-in-bond
- Bernie talks about words on labels and how those are badges
- You do a lot of bourbon-related research. Is there something you’ve found that has fascinated you?
- Bernie talks about flavor profiles and how they are attained through distillation, aging, and yeast. How each distillery does something different.
- What’s the day in the life of Bernie for being a Brand Ambassador?
- Give us a 101 level rundown of why a bar needs three different labels of the same stuff.
- Stay Tuned for the next episode where we talk about the removal of the Elijah Craig age statement, dive into the individual brands, and also a solo guitar performance.

Feb 6, 2016

Seth Thompson, of The Bourbon Classic, chats about all the awesome events being held from Feb 23-27th, 2016 and how you can get last second tickets

- Tell us your story of how you got into bourbon?
- If your house is on fire, what’s the one bottle you grab?
- Give the high level pitch of The Bourbon Classic
- How has the event grown over the years?
- Let’s dive into the events. Talk about the key events on Friday and Saturday
- It’s awesome because consumers can take away knowledge about food pairings
- It looks like Saturday is the big day. Friday is the pre-game. Talk Saturday’s all day extravaganza
- Bourbon and ham pairings sound very intriguing
- If you’re coming from out of town, you can learn about Louisville’s Whiskey Row in a session with Mike Veach. Talk about that.
- Talk about The Classic Taste
- How much are tickets and how many are left?
- Talk about all the events leading up to the main events on Friday and Saturday
- Talk about the Van Winkle event that is sold out
- What are the added benefits of VIP tickets?
- Talk about the brands and distilleries that are going to be a part of the event.
- Any ideas for the 2017 event?

Feb 5, 2016

Chad Hartsfield, Owner of ReWicked Candles, discusses the process of turning old bourbon bottles into works of art.

- Tell us your story of how you got into bourbon?
- Tell us about ReWicked Candles.
- What was the inspiration?
- How do you get around legal issues with brand names?
- Explain to us the process.
- How do you experiment with the scents in the wax?
- Where do you get all your bottles?
- What’s the reaction you get from bars or distilleries when you’re asking for empty bottles?
- How do you plan on keeping up with demand?
- Talk about the light fixtures and display cases your getting into
- What are you always on the look for when your picking or hunting?
- When did you start collecting bourbon?
- Any tips for dusty hunters
- Do you barter for higher-end empty bottles?
- Where can people buy your products?
- Lets talk about the cost of the candles.
- What are the most popular candles?

Jan 19, 2016

Greg Davis, Master Distiller at Maker’s Mark, talks about how is continuing the tradition that has been set and more about day to day operations.

Read Show Notes Below

- Today. we go on-site to Loretto to Maker’s Mark Distillery
- Breaking News: Users claim there is a bad batch of 2015 Elmer T. Lee. Barrels 256, 264, 266 and 267 are the “defective” barrels but Buffalo Trace has already responded.
- Tell us about your story
- What was your background before coming to Maker’s Mark?
- What are some of the key things you remember from your mentorship?
- Can you talk about your wheated mash bill and how it came to be?
- Talk about the difference between Makers and Makers 46
- Why go with French Oak?
- Are there other kinds of experimentation going on?
- Talk about the motivation behind the Cask Strength offering
- Talk about what you are doing different with your barrels compared to others
- How do you pick the barrels that are going into the batch?
- Do you sample every barrel?
- How many rick houses do you have and do you take barrels from different places?
- Are you able to go to different warehouses and taste the difference?
- How do you detect “must”?
- Can you explain what still you have and why you prefer it?
- What is the average bottle count that comes out of Makers?


Dec 18, 2015

Erik of @BourbonSeason joins the show to talk about the infamous bottle chase and the growing secondary market

- Before we get started, there is a new December release coming from Kentucky Owl so be on the lookout for red, blue, and green ink bottles soon.
- Erik, how did you get into bourbon?
- Tell us what you do with your twitter handle, @BourbonSeason.
- There’s a lot of ways to get allocated bourbons, have you found a good formula for getting special release bourbons?
- Have you seen special hunting groups that have formed?
- Have you seen more camp out situations in other parts of the country?
- There’s camping, lotteries, and being a “best” customer but is there a fair way to distribute allocated bottles?
- In Louisville the secondary market is starting to take its effect. Small shops are selling bottles for secondary prices. Are you seeing this in other parts of the country as well?
- When you think about the secondary market there are fingers to point. Are people flipping the bottles or buying the bottles the culprit of the problem?
- How do you feel about seeing the flipper “crotch shot”?
- Some people on forums are selling 2 or 3 full verticals of Pappy or BTAC, so how are these people feeding the secondary market?
- In Louisville, we have a few restaurants that have fantastic selections, but they are price gouging. No question about it. Do you see restaurants as contributing to the secondary market as well?
- Are the distilleries going to start charging more to combat and make more money for themselves?
- This week, Buffalo Trace sent out an email responding to the mass inquiries about secondary market pricing and they intend on trying to shut down secondary markets. Can Buffalo Trace successfully shut it down?
- Would you like to see Buffalo Trace crack down on stores and restaurants that price gouge since the three-tier system is the only way a consumer can get a bottle?
- Quick PSA on breaking your empty bottles
- Is there such a thing as “bourbon karma”?

Dec 15, 2015

Reid Mitenbuler (@ReidMitenbuler), author of Bourbon Empire, joins Ryan and Kenny to talk about the history and psyche of bourbon, “a distinctive product of the United States”.


- The Frazier Museum has a new Prohibition exhibit that will become a new or even a first stop on the Kentucky Bourbon Trail.
- Reid, what’s your coming to age tale of bourbon?
- What made you so fascinated that you took the time to become an author on the subject?
- Talk about the misquote of bourbon being a “distinctive product of the United States”.
- Talk about the beginning with the “Big Bang of Bourbon”.
- In the book, you talk about myths behind the labels.
- Let’s jump ahead in history, there was a lot going on in 1964. Can you talk about what was going on during that time period?
- What was the result of The Bourbon Institute in overseas markets?
- There is a concept of marketing that has changed the way in what you think you’re drinking.
- You said (paraphrasing) “Rosenstiel presided over vicious consolidation rounds that made many distillers and brands extinct, but is also a part of the reason why many bourbons today taste as good as they do”. Talk about that. How come his name isn’t as prominent as EH Taylor for Bottled-in-Bond?
- How come we don’t see a bourbon or whiskey brand named Rosenstiel?
- Within the prologue, you talk about bourbon being a “comfort food”. Talk about that.
- If you want to buy Bourbon Empire, it’s available on Amazon.

Dec 8, 2015

Robert Mohr & Tom Johnson of Aroma Academy (@AromaAcademyUS) join the podcast to talk about the science behind using olfactory senses to know more about your bourbon and the key aromas.

- How do you store your extensive bourbon collection? Is it like storing wine?
- Give us a quick intro about how you are and how you got into bourbon
- The tagline is “a sensory training for DRINKS PROFESSIONALS” so talk about what is Aroma Academy
- Are the smells common between everyone or does everyone smell something different?
- What are some of the key aromas we get from bourbon?
- Has there ever been a bourbon, scotch or wine that you’ve nosed and you said, “I’m not even going to drink that”
- Talk about your blog post on creating a Pappy Van Winkle nosing sample
- Have you found two particular brands of bourbon that are two polar opposites of one another?
- If someone purchases a kit, is there a 24-hour turnaround time or how long does it take to better develop your olfactory senses?
- Do aromas change based on density levels depending on the type of glass its in?
- Talk about letting the alcohol dissipate after pouring it in a glass before nosing and tasting
- Special 20% discount for Bourbon Pursuit listeners on the 24 Aroma Kit - When checking out, use the coupon code “Pursuit” or visit

Dec 4, 2015

John Kowalczyk reveals how he started a Bourbon Christmas Gift Exchange that grew from just a handful of friends to an event that is sponsored by liquor stores and distilleries.

- Overview of the past few bottles to come out and Ryan is becoming a dusty hunter after attending Whiskey Pig at Willett Distillery.
- What’s your bourbon story? How did you get into it?
- Tell us about your Bourbon Gift Exchange
- Are there rules to your gift exchange?
- Throw out some of the names of the brands you had your first year
- How did more people find out about it and spread?
- Is there a certain bottle that stands out among the crowd?
- How did you get sponsorships from local stores and even distilleries?
- What are the plans for this year? Are you trying to step it up?
- After the exchange is over, do people just immediately open their bottle and start sharing?

Nov 24, 2015

Matt Jamie, Founder and Owner of Bourbon Barrel Foods, talks about how he started a company with Bluegrass Soy Sauce into a brand that does everything to promote "Eat Your Bourbon"

- We’ve taken a hiatus and we apologize. Sometimes life just gets in the way… and bourbon hunting. lots and lots of bourbon hunting.
- What's your bourbon story? I know you are a Louisville native, has bourbon always been in your blood like ours?
- Tell us the story of Bourbon Barrel Foods and how it got created.
- Talk about some of the products and what makes them special
- I notice that you also have a lot of products from Woodford Reserve. Can you talk about their products or the partnership you have with them?
- Talk a bit about Kentuckiaki and Bourbon Vanilla Extract
- I was also reading about a sponsorship you received in 2013 to help build a Kitchen Studio. Can you talk about that?
- Do you have any of your favorite recipes?
- If people in louisville and traveling for the bourbon trail want to find a retail store, where do they go?
- What entails the Eat Your Bourbon Class and the Chef Series?
- If you want to learn more, you can visit the online at or follow them on twitter @bourbonbarrel

Oct 9, 2015

Dixon Dedman, Owner Operator of Beaumont Inn & Partner in Kentucky Owl, joins us to talk about his family history and how they revitalized a brand that died during prohibition.

- Fantasy teams are now using high valued bourbons as entrance fees
- Lets talk about you. Who are you and what have you been doing up to this point?
- Lets talk about your bourbon. What got you into dealing with the brand?
- Why the tag name “The Wise Man’s Bourbon”?
- What made you go with a barrel proof bourbon?
- How many barrels went into the particular batches?
- So you take the barrels, and you dump them and put them into new charred barrels?
- Is there a big difference between Batch 1 and Batch 2? What about Batch 3? (easter egg here!)
- This is a KY only release. Why only KY?
- How does it feel to have this craze happening?
- Talk about the Old Owl Tavern on your property
- Where do you sit on the Bourbon Trail?
- For anyone still looking for a pour of KY Owl, can they get it at the tavern?
- Adam Johnson asks, What is the secret to the General Lee cake?
- How can people get in touch with you?

Oct 2, 2015

Mikael Mossberg, Co-Founder & CEO of Distiller, talks about his whiskey recommendation app and how his whiskey passion led him to be in the startup world. 
- Kick off the show talking about Parker's Heritage Collection #9, The Malt Whiskey Release
- What has your past been that led you up into Distiller?
- Tell us more about the app, what would you categorize it as?
- How did the idea spawn?
- We really like the "trending bottle", how did that idea come about?
- Walk us through the recommendation engine
- Where do you find your expert reviewers?
- The reviews are like Amazon reviews, short and to the point.
- What sort of glasses do you drink out of? I found a good tidbit of information from Marianne Barnes about density and nosing.
- How many people are on the platform?
- How do you get all these bottles and samplesfor reviews?
- How did you come up with the tagline "The Whiskey Companion"?
- Shout out to our new audio engineer David Isreal

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