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Bourbon Pursuit

Sep 24, 2015

Nino Marchetti, Founder at (@WhiskeyWash), joins us today to announce a new partnership between us. We talk about his news outlet, the authors, products, and most importantly, his bunker!

- Starting the show off by drinking Kentucky Owl Batch #2. Add it to the collection if you have the money to spare
- Talk to us about the
- We’re proud to announce a partnership between our two brands
- Nino has an offsite, undisclosed location, for his bunker
- Talk about the authors on the site
- Talk about some of the most popular articles
- One of the most popular articles is about the $75,000 Whiskey
- In regards to reviewers, what walks of life do they come from so we trust them?
- There are lots of reviews on food pairings
- Your apartment is on fire, what’s the one bottle you grab?