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Bourbon Pursuit

Dec 4, 2015

John Kowalczyk reveals how he started a Bourbon Christmas Gift Exchange that grew from just a handful of friends to an event that is sponsored by liquor stores and distilleries.

- Overview of the past few bottles to come out and Ryan is becoming a dusty hunter after attending Whiskey Pig at Willett Distillery.
- What’s your bourbon story? How did you get into it?
- Tell us about your Bourbon Gift Exchange
- Are there rules to your gift exchange?
- Throw out some of the names of the brands you had your first year
- How did more people find out about it and spread?
- Is there a certain bottle that stands out among the crowd?
- How did you get sponsorships from local stores and even distilleries?
- What are the plans for this year? Are you trying to step it up?
- After the exchange is over, do people just immediately open their bottle and start sharing?