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Bourbon Pursuit

Feb 5, 2016

Chad Hartsfield, Owner of ReWicked Candles, discusses the process of turning old bourbon bottles into works of art.

- Tell us your story of how you got into bourbon?
- Tell us about ReWicked Candles.
- What was the inspiration?
- How do you get around legal issues with brand names?
- Explain to us the process.
- How do you experiment with the scents in the wax?
- Where do you get all your bottles?
- What’s the reaction you get from bars or distilleries when you’re asking for empty bottles?
- How do you plan on keeping up with demand?
- Talk about the light fixtures and display cases your getting into
- What are you always on the look for when your picking or hunting?
- When did you start collecting bourbon?
- Any tips for dusty hunters
- Do you barter for higher-end empty bottles?
- Where can people buy your products?
- Lets talk about the cost of the candles.
- What are the most popular candles?