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Bourbon Pursuit

Feb 6, 2016

Seth Thompson, of The Bourbon Classic, chats about all the awesome events being held from Feb 23-27th, 2016 and how you can get last second tickets

- Tell us your story of how you got into bourbon?
- If your house is on fire, what’s the one bottle you grab?
- Give the high level pitch of The Bourbon Classic
- How has the event grown over the years?
- Let’s dive into the events. Talk about the key events on Friday and Saturday
- It’s awesome because consumers can take away knowledge about food pairings
- It looks like Saturday is the big day. Friday is the pre-game. Talk Saturday’s all day extravaganza
- Bourbon and ham pairings sound very intriguing
- If you’re coming from out of town, you can learn about Louisville’s Whiskey Row in a session with Mike Veach. Talk about that.
- Talk about The Classic Taste
- How much are tickets and how many are left?
- Talk about all the events leading up to the main events on Friday and Saturday
- Talk about the Van Winkle event that is sold out
- What are the added benefits of VIP tickets?
- Talk about the brands and distilleries that are going to be a part of the event.
- Any ideas for the 2017 event?