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Bourbon Pursuit

May 10, 2016

Andrea Wilson, Vice President and General Manager of Michter’s Distillery, gives us the history of Michter’s, her rich history influencing the bourbon industry behind the scenes, and hints at a new 20 year bourbon release and potential Celebration.


  • Talk about your first encounter with whiskey or bourbon
  • How did that influence you to make a career from it?
  • What kind of path did you take because you can’t tell a distillery, “Hey i’ve got experience because i’ve been moonshining”
  • You’ve got a historic past. First woman to serve as chair for the KDA. What does that mean to you?
  • Talk about your current position at Michter’s and what that means
  • Give some people a quick history lesson of Michters
  • There is a new place being built on Whiskey Row, talk about that.
  • There are 4 core products, talk about each one of those and choose a favorite child
  • Then we have a few that are super extreme premium bourbons. Now choose a favorite child.
  • You also have reminiscent feelings when drinking bourbon, talk about your tasting experience.
  • What sort of legacy or impression do you want to leave on the industry?