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Bourbon Pursuit

May 27, 2016

Jordan, Eric and Nick, authors behind, talk about how bourbon fill levels change flavor profiles and we look at the new releases to come in 2016.

  • We see yet another Colonel Taylor will be hitting the market called EH Taylor four grain.
  • Each one of you give us a quick tidbit about how you got into bourbon
  • So what led into the point of starting a blog?
  • You all get to do a lot of reviews, what are some top reviews for whiskeys outside the state of KY?
  • You did your 100th review and you made it special. Tell us about that.
  • One of my favorite articles is the Bourbon Storage experiment. Tell everyone about that.
  • Once you open a bottle of bourbon, how long do you have until you have to drink it all?
  • One of your most popular articles is the release calendar. What are you all looking at for favorite releases outside of Fall?