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Bourbon Pursuit

Nov 11, 2016

Jay Erisman, Vice President, & Hannah Loween, General Manager, from New Riff Distilling talk about the unique bourbon they are making while being in an urban setting.

  1. Jay Erisman, Vice President - Distiller - Strategic Development
  2. Hannah Loween, General Manager
  3. Tell us how you got started with brown spirits?
  4. Talk a bit about the history of New Riff.
  5. What's the story behind the name of New Riff?
  6. Talk about all your different stills
  7. Talk about your milling process
  8. Talk about your water source
  9. Where are all the computers?
  10. Talk about OKI because it might be the most well known.
  11. What's the ranger program?
  12. What's it mean to have a distillery like this in Newport which is right next to Cincinnati?