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Bourbon Pursuit

Nov 18, 2016

Jim Kokoris, author of The Big Man of Jim Beam: Booker Noe And the Number-One Bourbon In the World, joins the show to talk about the life of Booker Noe and the impact he made on the industry.

  1. How did you get into writing about bourbon?
  2. What kind of man was Booker Noe?
  3. What was Booker doing as a Master Distiller before that term became skewed - over the years?
  4. How did Booker have the foresight of single barrel and small batches is where the market is headed?
  5. Did Booker embrace the fame?
  6. What memorable stories stick out from your travels with Booker?
  7. What would Booker think of the certain state of bourbon affairs?
  8. Where did Booker start at the distillery?
  9. Where can you get the book? Perhaps as a stocking stuffer this christmas. Amazon
  10. is where you can learn more about Jim