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Bourbon Pursuit

Jan 13, 2017

Ryan Ashley, COO and Director of Distillery Operations, talks about how his history of beer brewing led him to distillation, the Four Roses brand, distillery expansion, and even hints at a possible Four Roses Rye.

  1. Today's Guest co-host is Linden Ferguson
  2. Talk about your past. Where did you grow up and your education, family influence, all that
  3. You’ve been known to be a big beer guy.
  4. What got you into bourbon?
  5. Talk about your job for a few minutes and your responsibilities
  6. So before we get into it, I think this is a good time to re-introduce Four Roses to people. So talk about the uniqueness of four roses with the two yeast strains, 10 recipes, warehouses, etc
  7. This big news is that Four Roses is investing $55 Million into expanding operations. And we have all been in remodeling projects so we know that you need to budget 15%, so we’ll say 63million. talk about that
  8. From Michael Leeper on Facebook, What kind of issues do you struggle with as you scale up distillation?, "How do you ensure raw ingredients are available to meet your need (from grain, to glass, to packaging and ultimately labor)", "Is there a limit to how big you can grow within the Bourbon region?"
  9. Talk about working with Brent Elliott
  10. Are you a stout guy or hops guy?