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Bourbon Pursuit

Apr 30, 2015

- What experiences stand out from your travels?
- Talk about your super premium releases such as the Single Barrel and Small Batch Limited Editions
- What goes into the process of selecting the premium limited edition barrels over regular bottling barrels?
- Do you look at limited editions as a form...

Apr 23, 2015

- What was your first experience with bourbon?
- What was your journey from different roles with Seagrams and your path into Four Roses?
- Who gave you the opportunity to get back into distillery operations?
- Blended Whiskey by Seagrams were top shelf at one time
- What impact did Kirin have on Four Roses since it...

Apr 15, 2015

- Pappy Spring Release
- Bourbon auction: A gaggle of Stagg on
- What’s the auction currently priced at?
- Did you grow up around bourbon or did you just recently discover it all?
- Sour Mash smells like home
- Do you still have any family in the bourbon industry?
- Did you or your mom...

Apr 9, 2015

Tell us a bit about your lineage and the dirty rundown of the Taylor's
Where did the EH Taylor packaging and logo come from?
What led you to Buffalo Trace?
Talk about your role as a Barrel Program Manager
How many barrels are available for the program?
How do you choose who gets to pick a barrel?
What's the...

Apr 1, 2015

Can you remember your first drink?
Live, Eat, Drink, and Sleep Bourbon
What's your elevator pitch for the Kentucky Bourbon Trail?
What increase are you seeing in visitor attendance?
There are quite a few on the trail. Is there a best way to plan this all out?
What's the difference between the Bourbon Trail & The...