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Bourbon Pursuit

Apr 29, 2016

Andy Treinen, the Director of Marketing at the Frazier History Museum, talks history of prohibition, the future Bourbon Museum for “bourbonism”, and the Old Forester Speakeasy Series.

  • Huge shoutout to Josh Menke for sending us a sample of Stranahans
  • Talk about your introduction to bourbon
  • What is the Frazier...

Apr 22, 2016

Chris Morris, Master Distiller at Woodford Reserve, gives an insight into the historic grounds and the $1000 Mint Julep in time for Derby.

- Talk about your first memorable experience with bourbon. Good or Bad?
- Talk about your background and coming into the bourbon industry
- Let's talk about the Woodford grounds a...

Apr 15, 2016

Fred Noe, Global Ambassador and Master Distiller at Jim Beam, talks about the history of Jim Beam, his celebrity encounters and the new Booker’s Rye release.

  • This episode is brought to you by the Kentucky Bourbon Affair that will be taking place in Louisville and Kentucky Bourbon Trail Distilleries June 14-19th....

Apr 8, 2016

Patrick Hutchens, Owner of Promotional Wood Products, shares his company’s story of giving premium bourbons the extra edge.


  • Tell us about your first encounter with bourbon
  • We’re sipping on a barrel of Knob Creek that you picked out. Tell us about it.
  • What is Promotional Wood Products?
  • How did the relationship...

Apr 1, 2016

New Podcast from Bourbon Pursuit! Episode 042 - Matt Gandolfo, Brand Ambassador for Wild Turkey, talks history of the brand, non-GMO grains, each of the expressions and the new “Decades” release set for May 2016.

- We kick off the show talking about one of our past guests, Marianne Barnes, and the new name for the...