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Bourbon Pursuit

Jan 27, 2017

Ed Bley, Spirits and Beer Manager at Cork ’N Bottle, joins the show to talk about their historic past with bourbon, the importance of shopping small, and his process of doing barrel picks.

  1. Dive into your past and some history to what led you into bourbon
  2. What’s the history of Cork N’ Bottle?
  3. Talk about how you...

Jan 19, 2017

The Bourbon Community Roundtable #5 dicusses the theories behind Old Scout getting rid of barrel picks, 2017 Predictions and Easily Obtainable Barrel Proof Choices.

  1. Joined by Blake of, Jordan of, and Kerry of
  2. So Smooth Ambler has discontinued their barrel program,...

Jan 13, 2017

Ryan Ashley, COO and Director of Distillery Operations, talks about how his history of beer brewing led him to distillation, the Four Roses brand, distillery expansion, and even hints at a possible Four Roses Rye.

  1. Today's Guest co-host is Linden Ferguson
  2. Talk about your past. Where did you grow up and your...

Jan 6, 2017

Chuck Cowdery, Bourbon Author and media pundit, joins to talk about Jim Beam backpedaling it’s way out of Booker’s price increase and the unique purchases Sazerac is making to expand their footprint.

  1. Talk about how you got into bourbon in the beginning
  2. Give the listeners a quick background on your books
  3. The...